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Thank you for visiting the homepage of Anan Fashion. We are the leading Manufacturer & Supplier of Window Fashion products. Our blinds range from basic Roller & Vertical Blinds to personalized photo blinds and electric blinds with remote control. We have been supplying all kinds of blinds to thousands of houses & offices throughout Bangladesh since 2007.

We are exclusive and only agents for DAE DAONG INC (Korea) in Bangladesh. All of our materials and accessories are imported from DAE DAONG INC (Korea) and the “made to measure blinds” are produced locally in our own factory in Dhaka.

We produce customized Roller Blinds from imported fabrics and you can pick your colours and styles from our huge rage of available fabrics. If you are looking for electrically operated blinds with remote control you can count on us for the best quality electrical channel and the remote control.

Please send us your inquiry with measurement and we will get back to you with a tentative quotation within 24 hours.

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